We offer you a complete turnkey chalet. To build your chalet demands special skills of our architect and engineers. It is important to create a chalet along with the character of the land. Given the emplacement of the terrain, how steep it is etc. Finally we translate your requirements into a magnificent design.


With new technologies but always with old traditional precision.


We decorate your new property as an authentic Swiss or Austrian chalet.


Classic chalet style


Contemporary mountain style


Loghome country style

Drawings and models

We make various drawings, 3D impressions and models of your new chalet.

Just for you

We offer you many different plans of authentic chalets.
Within one plan we can offer you many different styles and possibilities.

Materials; only the best

The best materials we found:
a harmonious medley of stone from the region and timber from the larch. No maintenance at all......

Larche, Larix, Meleze is valued for its waterproof and durable qualities.
We will use it for cladding the walls.
After a short period it will become a
very charming red-brown colour.

Pipes and drains

No cheap plastics but nice and durable copper for pipes and drains


Imrpessions of Craftmanship


From old to new, from classic to contamporain. We do it.

Serious interior decoration

Our selected decoration advisors will
give your interior a special and personal character.

Techno heating

We use the latest technologies for heating your chalet. A special pump system with tubes underneath the green.

Trees, garden....Landscaping

We like to give your chalet a very nice surrounding. So we don’t forget the trees, stones and grass.

We care for good acces

We construct a nice driveway for good acces during the year